Our Testimonials

Ronny Herderson,

gutter cleaning strongsville

I had Shawn replace the roof over our sun room It needed a flat roof, it was done improperly with shingles. Our original roofer could never seem to fix it right. Shawn is very educated and has a great work ethic. He is also very upbeat and friendly. I asked him one day why is he always so happy, he said because he is making a lot of money every time he comes over

Bobby Jenkins,

gutter cleaning strongsville

Sean has done a bunch of handyman work over the years. We love him because after he fixes something we never have problems. Wonderful handyman.

Tammy Hudson,

gutter cleaning strongsville

Like watching a video game the way Sean goes from one building to another. He does a good good cleaning a large commercial property. Everyone loves Sean.

Justin Makosky,

gutter cleaning strongsville

Unbelievable same day service. Contacted Sean in the morning and by 7pm he showed up at my new house. Not only did he unclog the gutter with an issue, he also checked the rest of them on all 3 levels of the house. He also checked the chimnies, roof, and fixed a gap in my soffit.  He doesn’t do just gutter cleaning. He is also a full service handyman.

Al Cohen,

gutter cleaning strongsville

Good job Sean. Sean fixed what I was told by two other companies is an unreachable gutter. I watched as Sean scaled up a rather overgrown birch tree. That is one way to do it.  He made the repair and all is well. I love how Sean just did what needed done . He really saved my butt that day.

Larry Cole,

gutter cleaning strongsville
I called in the afternoon expecting to set up a date and time in the future for a gutter cleaning since water has been pouring out of my gutters during heavy rains. Sean was able to come the same day and clean out the blockages. Excellent service and Sean delivers on what he says he will do. He explained what he was doing and why and how I can prevent future clogs. I will call in the future if I need any gutter work.


SINCE 2001

Gutter Cleaning

This service begins with a full evaluation of the whole house, including the yard. Notes are made of any current or future problems you, as a homeowner may encounter.

Gutter Repair

Loose screws, sealing any detected leaks. Test gutters for proper slope so that they will drain properly. Check gutters for proper hanging height, repairing as necessary.

Gutter Guards

Gutter debris protection system. Gutter guards will keep your gutters clean, between cleaning.